cassie151aJanna [Adoptied April 2016] is a lovely 4 year old black and white parti-colored spayed female. She came to SCR ‘in the family way’ and is the mother of Christine (who has been adopted). She gets along with other dogs, cockers and non-cockers (she does not tolerate humping). She ignores the cat and happily shares the bed and lap with felines. Her foster family lives near a school and twice a day Janna would jump in the window and bark (arf, arf, awoo...) with her foster brother. Over time, she ignores the kids and lets her foster brother do any barking. Sometimes she does whimper and “arf, arf, awooo” from other areas of the room.

Janna is about 22 pounds. She will hoover up any food that is in the area and has been learning to mind her own bowl and not the bowls of other dogs and people. Her foster mom and dad can take bones out of her mouth and take toys away without problems. Her foster brother is deaf and doesn’t hear people in the kitchen rummaging for snacks. Janna has very good hearing and the cockers run in unison to check out the action. Someone observed that ‘they’ are more like ‘kitchen vultures’ than cockers.

She has a soft mouth and readily takes treats. She stands and walks on her hind legs begging for treats. She is a follower and loves to stay as close to a family member as possible. She loves men and women and was good around children. When at the vet’s she ignored all the other animals and people. She sat quietly during check-out. She loves petting, head scratching, and snuggling. She will try to barge in when another dog is receiving petting and affection. She won’t take away anyone’s snuggle spot. She is a good jumper and has a keen mind to solve problems.

She is not skittish around strange noises, awkward movements, and machinery. She just watches and stays put. Janna walks well on a leash and uses a harness. She is house broken, does her business outside, and readily comes when called. She is not crated when the family leaves for work and there is no destructive behavior. She is not sure about jumping into the car, so her foster mom helps her up. She falls asleep in the back seat and takes no notice if you go through a drive-through. She is good during an in home bath and got a good report from the groomer.

Her pictures don’t show the pretty black mask that frames her eyes or her long lean body. She is a wonderful dog and hopes that a great family will help her find her forever home.