Josie 151

cassie151aJosie [Adopted March 2016] is a beautiful, seven year old buff female who came to us from a puppy mill. She was very frightened for a couple of weeks when we first got her. But she eventually warmed to up to us and slowly is becoming more social and explores more spaces in our home. She will need a little time and patience to adjust in any new environment. She also needs another dog to follow and make her feel safe.

Josie is house trained. She does not need to be crated when we are not home. She can be destructive with paper items but not with anything else. She walks well on a leash but is fearful of moving cars and passing bicyclists. She loves the outside and loves to run and chase squirrels in our fenced yard. She loves to snuggle and sleeps in our bed at night. She's still learning sit and stay.