Lucy 161

Lucy [Adopted Oct 2016] is a two year old buff female who was found as a stray. She is a sweet easy going girl who really enjoys attention. She will ask us to pet her and flip over on her back for belly rubs. She enjoys sitting in the sun in our yard. She also enjoys chewing Nyla bones and antlers. When she first came to us she jumped for attention.  We have worked on having her sit for pets.  We are also working on her kitchen manners. She has shown some nervous behaviors when left alone and has chewed a dog bed and likes to get toilet paper off the roll. She is potty trained but does not tell us when she needs to go out. She walks well on a leash without pulling. She knows sit and down. She stays in a crate when we are away. We have her sleep in a crate at night but she would probably sleep fine outside of a crate in the room with her person. She is vocal and will let you know when she sees someone or hears something you need to know about. Lucy will be a great companion for her forever person.