Samba 151

cassie151aSamba [Adopted Feb 2016] is a 6 year old female, she was a stray, found wandering the streets, ungroomed, unkempt, suffering from flea bites all over her tiny little body, her hair was so overgrown the shelter that initially rescued couldn't tell she was a Cocker Spaniel. SCR volunteers rescued her from the shelter, brought her home, gave her a flea bath, had her hair cut (practically shaved), and found that she had contracted Kennel cough, (poor baby) then she was placed in my home. Samba is doing great, her hair has grown in beautifully, kennel cough is gone, she is a gorgeous, sweet girl, she loves people, other dogs and our cat Woodrow as well. She plays well with my 10 month old male Cocker Spaniel Rusty (they did butt heads occasionally in the beginning), and gets along with my 8 year old girls Bitzy & Bella they have never had even a slight butting of heads. She loves toys, (especially the squeaky ones), treats, walks, belly and ear rubs. She is sometimes a little shy, she would be great in a home with another pet she could socialize with. She is crate trained and goes into her crate nicely,but we have left her out of the crate for short periods of time when we are not home and she behaved perfectly well, she is potty trained and lets you know when she needs to go out. She will make a great companion for anyone.