cassie151aSarah [Adopted July 2016] is a 6 year female. She was surrendered to us when her owner was unable to care for her. But you can tell that Sarah was loved by her people. She’s very friendly, wants to be petted, and follows us everywhere. Sarah came to us quite overweight but otherwise healthy. We have gotten her down to a normal weight and we want to make sure that her forever person can maintain her good weight. Now that she is much slimmer, she hops around when she greets us and when she knows it’s time to eat. She loves to go for walks and will carry her leash around as a request. She enjoys car rides. We have worked on “stay” to keep her from running out for a ride.
Sarah MUST be an only dog. She gets possessive of chews, balls, and toys and gets aggressive towards other dogs if she thinks they will take them. She is potty trained but is rather quiet about letting us know she needs to go out. She knows sit, stay and down. She enjoys sitting on our furniture and sleeps wherever she is comfortable, either in a dog bed or with us in our bed. Sarah is more vocal than most cockers and wants to let you know when she thinks something is not right.