cassie151aSnickers [Adopted Feb 2016] is an adorable 6-year old chocolate (with a patch of white on her chest!) female who came from a commercial breeder.

It was obvious she had never lived inside a house – everything was new to her and she was easily startled by all the strange noises and was fearful meeting new people. It took a few weeks for her to adjust to her foster home, but once she did, she will greet her foster mom with a tail that wags 800 m.p.h.! This happy little girl loves her people and wants to be where they are, and especially loves cuddling on the couch!

She’s used to being with 4-legged buddies and feels most comfortable having at least one other pup whose lead she could follow. She’s really hoping to have a fenced yard in her forever home where she can go exploring and expend her energy. She’s usually the first one out, and the last one in! Going for walks is another favorite activity and she walks well on a leash. Because she is sometimes startled, a harness is recommended.

Since everything is new to her, she sometimes can’t tell the difference between her soft toys and other soft things (slippers, socks!) she finds around the house. Paper things also intrigue her. She understands the word “no” and it would be best to supervise her activities until she understands what’s hers, and what’s yours!

No need to crate her – she’s house broken and sleeps in a bed near my two pups. She’s good for bathing and grooming.

Snickers  has a very sweet disposition and is a very loving and lovable little girl. She has so much to offer and is very much looking forward to meeting her forever home!