Champagne 171

Champagne [Adoptied October 2017] is a stunning buff-colored male cocker spaniel who is came into the rescue with his little side-kick Caviar who we would idealy like to adot together. He is about seven and half years old. Champagne carries himself with an air of confidence bordering on a swagger and deservedly so since he is gorgeous and incredibly bright. He adores all food and will need a cocker-proofed household. He is not afraid to open a cabinet to see if there is something tasty or even not so tasty he can dig into. Champagne too is trying to reduce a little to keep up with his trimer foster home dogs. He loves running in the yard and can now walk comfortably for several miles. He is great on the leash and good with other dogs and people. He loves attention and if you stop petting him, he will gently remind you with a tap of his paw that he is your priority. He is not above knocking your cell phone out of your hand either if he is in need of a little loving. He also will wiggle his way into a pack of dogs and try to be the first in line for attention or treats. Champagne has learned to share his people with other dogs, but his preference is to be your focus. He shares his attention will with Caviar, but a little less so with other dogs in the household. Champagne doesn’t like to be grabbed by the collar, hugged a little too tightly, or petted roughly. For this reason, it is his in his best interest to not be in a home with small children. Champagne can be a little stubborn, but thankfully you can get him to do almost anything for a small treat. Champagne will do best in a home with a fenced yard and someone who can continue to help him embrace a healthier lifestyle and can handle his need for adoration and affection. Champagne loves nothing more than a good long walk along the river, followed by a good meal, capped off with a nice long snuggle on the couch watching the big game or even British mystery. He is a devoted and loyal cocker who will be the love of your life and would expect nothing less.