Mikki 171

Mikki [Adopted September 2017] is a five-month old field coated black cocker puppy.  He has a long natural tail and is an athletic and friendly little guy.  He has the energy of a puppy, but is attentive to commands and very focused when walking or during training. He seems wise and thoughtful for a puppy.  Mikki is house trained, and uses a doggie door, but likes a schedule and reminders to go outside after meals never hurt. He walks on the leash with little pulling, gets along well with other dogs, and just loves snuggling with anyone. He is also crate trained and will sleep in a crate at night, but would prefer to sleep on the bed or with another dog in a dog bed.  Mikki also just loves toys, toys, and more toys!  He will entertain himself for over an hour with a basket of toys, pulling them out, chewing, pouncing, and finding anyone or dog to play a gentle tug of war. 
Mikki came to Shorewood with his brother, and while we don’t see them being placed in the same home, it does seem best that he be placed in a home with other dogs.  He bonded quickly with the other dogs in the foster home.  He will need additional training, but he is very bright and responsive. His nickname at the foster house is Houdini since he is a bit of an escape artist.  He can manage to climb over small fences, slither through small child gates and fences, and if left to his own devices, will tunnel under a fence as well. While he will probably outgrow most of these tendencies, Mikki definitely needs a dog proofed fenced-in yard.  This little dog is such a treasure and his soulful little looks are just precious.  He will be one loyal little companion in his forever home.