Buddy[Adopted September 2017] is an energetic buff boy who is around a year old.  He’s a very curious and excitable guy. He knows basic commands, sit and down. He loves going for walks and walks well on a leash. He loves playing with squeaky toys, chewing antlers, and running around the yard. He loves pets and will place himself for petting. 

Buddy needs an experienced and patient person to continue to work with him and positively reinforce good behavior. He jumps quite high when he wants attention and could get mouthy as well. We been working with him to sit before many things like being greeted, getting out of his crate, being feed and going in or out the door. He needs time in a yard to burn off some of his energy. Buddy would not be good with children. He seems to get frightened and barks when he hears a lot of commotion or neighbor dogs barking.

Buddy does settle down at night and shows his cuddly side by chewing a toy or an antler or lying next to us for pets. He will go into his crate on his own when he is ready to sleep. We keep him in a crate when we aren’t home. He has been on a few car rides and gets car sick. Traveling with him in a crate with a potty pad on the bottom has worked well for us.

Buddy is really still a puppy at heart and needs your help to become the sweetie that he is.

Update 6/19/17: Buddy is potty trained and lets us know when he needs to go out. He seems to enjoy the company of a male human just a bit more than a female human.   Buddy plays a little too rough for our cockers but otherwise gets along with them.  He would be fine as an only dog since he will toss his toys around on his own and does not need the company of another dog. We are seeing him calm down as he becomes used to the noises in our household. He is now used to the routine and thrives with this knowledge.   In the afternoons, he can be found curled up in a chair napping.