Caviar 171

Caviar [Adoptied October 2017] is a gorgeous red-brown sable male cocker spaniel who is about seven and half years old. He came into the rescue with Champagne who we would idealy like to adot together. They are not littermates, but have been in a home together their whole life and get along very well. Caviar is just a cheerful little bloke who gets along with everyone and every dog. He came into the rescue looking like maybe he dined on too much caviar, but he has embraced his new active life of walking, running in the yard, chasing his foster home dogs, and playing with toys. Each day he gets more active and energetic. Caviar is the type of dog who is interested in everything you are doing. He trots along behind you all day long and just seems to enjoy every moment of the day. Whether you are unloading the dishwasher, cooking supper, or working in the garden, he will be there with his tail wagging, eyes bright with excitement and curiosity. He seems to just relish any all adventure, even just going to the vet to meet everyone or to our local feed store to see if he can wrangle a treat out of the store keeper. Caviar loves to settle down next to you most of all and is a champion snuggler. He is the first to stand by the couch and wait to be lifted-up next to you (he can’t quite make the jump yet, but he will try if he can get a running start and there is carpet.) Caviar will need a home that will help him watch his waistline and be as good as companion to him, as he will to you. He thrives in a fenced in yard and adores other dogs. He is a jolly little cocker who is just a treasure-trove of cheerfulness and delight.