Charlie 161

Charlie [Adopted February 2017] is a buff and white, 8 year old male cocker spaniel. He has been in his foster home a week, as of this writing, so we are just getting to know him. So far, he is very sweet, very interested in food, and not able to hear a thing!┬áHe doesn’t let his being deaf affect his life though. Charlie watches what we do, keeps up with our dogs, and seems to know when to do what he needs to. He is very attentive to what is going on when awake, but sleeps very soundly. We have found that blowing a little air on him awakens him better than touching him, as it is less scary for him.

Update from Charlie's foster family 1/17/17 - Please do not let Charlie's being deaf deter you from considering adopting him. I have had deaf dogs of my own and they adapt wonderfully, as he has. He responds well to hand signals along with facial expression. He does love to eat, so we use a slow eater bowl for him and we find that ignoring his begging when we're having our dinner to be working best. He is a very sweet and soulful boy and follows me all around the house when he's not sleeping, of which he does quite soundly. He walks well on a leash and gets along with the other dogs in our home. He is so deserving of a good home that will love him unconditionally.