Lily 161

Lily is a four year old buff cocker. She lives in a foster home with cats and frequent doggie visitors. She is the only female. She loves to snuggle and would like to be the only dog or cat by your side. She likes her bones and also enjoys chewing on a towel or sock, if one is available. She is crated when the family is away and is peaceful and quiet. She is walked to the door to relieve herself when she is let out from the crate and gets a treat for good potty habits. She is well mannered and doesn’t jump on tables or sneak food off your plate. She waits patiently when treats are being distributed to the group. She will knock over a trash can and go rummaging if there are food smells. She runs to the car and would rather take a car ride than go for a walk. She can walk a mile or more before relieving herself. She is your happy companion in the back yard. She really craves human companionship and is eager to please. She has a serious nature and will play with other dogs, regardless of size, when they engage her to play (she is happy to chase them). She has a good metabolism and is very active. She has a beautiful face, a nice steady personality, and is very sweet. She is also young and has lots of energy that needs an outlet. Lily is a ruff cut diamond looking for a forever home.