Misty 162

Misty [Adopted April 2017] is an eight-year old buff cocker who is a bit of a hidden gem. She is a retired dog that comes from a reputable and caring kennel. She has been busy these past four months learning the ropes as an indoor housedog. So far, she has learned to nap in soft dog beds, and the couch when invited (or no one is looking). She has learned to embrace her freedom and loves running in our fenced in yard with my other dogs. Misty is well-mannered. She will gently take her treats from my hand. She walks well on a leash, is housetrained, doesn’t jump on people, and knows how to use the dog door. She is crate trained, but it’s not her favorite place to be. She will sleep on the bed with you if you ask her to, but is happy to sleep on the floor in a dog bed in the room with you. She is learning to enjoy snuggling, but won’t initiate the attention unless other dogs are getting attention. Misty should not be an only dog. She still struggles with coming in at times, especially when there are additional people home or a change in routine. Since Misty isn’t completely reliable about coming when called, I think it is best to have a fenced in yard. It will also help to have another dog to run in the house as well as show her the ropes of the household. She loves the company and comfort of dogs and is very gentle, patient, and playful with my four cockers. She has met other dogs and is friendly and engages in play. She is well behaved at the groomer and the vet. Although our whole family (dogs included) loves her dearly, we all agree she is ready for her forever family.