Morpheus 171

Morpheus [Adoptied October 2017] is a three year old black male. He was surrendered to Shorewood as the family wasn’t able to spend enough time with him.  At 21 pounds he is a bit overweight for his size, however at his age proper food portions and exercise will bring him to the proper weight pretty quickly. 

He was an only dog at his previous house, but has been getting along with his other foster especially the females.  He can sometimes get possessive with toys and food coming from that environment.  His grooming was also lax at his previous home.  We have had him groomed and found that it took two people (groomer and foster home).  We don’t know if it was the experience, a previous experience or just the noise from the clippers and other dog that agitated him. 

He is housetrained, but has mark new area to him.  He is good with people, shy at first until he gets to know you a little.  He likes to sleep on a bed or in his create close to his foster mom.

Morpheus is ready for his forever home.