Tanner 161

Tanner[Adopted Feb 2017] is a very active 11 year old black and tan guy looking for a new home. He has the softest fur and loves petting. Tanner was a companion for a quadriplegic. When the caretaker passed away, there was no one to take care of the dog. Tanner believes there is a place for everything and everything in its place. He is agile and can grab a sandwich or hotdog off a plate on the kitchen counter when you blink. If you put your cake down on the coffee table to take a sip of coffee it will be gone in flash. Tanner is wicked fast and has surprised many experienced dog owners. If you leave food on a table he will find a way to get up there on all four and bowls of cat food or fruit will silently disappear. He knows how to open and search a lazy Susan and will help himself to whatever he finds. He does not like to share his gleanings with other dogs and they will rat him out when he doesn’t share.

Tanner likes to run off with things he finds around the house (socks, dish towels, head phones). Everything is fair game. He will trade you for a dog toy or treat. He is fast and can hold many things in his mouth at one time and run away. He is enjoying himself and can be very entertaining. He likes chewing on things he finds and with two other cockers it can be difficult to know exactly who did the chewing.

Tanner wants to be a constant companion and snuggle next to you at all times. He knows if you are in the basement or other area of the house and will make a low half bark and other noises until you return. He eats in his crate. He does not like to be crated at night. He is happiest when you put on his leash and take him out several times a day. He will relieve himself before you get to the end of the property line and does not need long walks. He does not like to go in the back yard by himself and without a leash. He gets a treat when he goes potty in the back yard. He will happily go in and out, turning around on the stoop and wait patiently for his treat. If you forget a treat in your pocket he will bark at you until it is set free. He is not happy getting in a crate in the car, once he’s in there he’s fine.

He is good with cats. He has a sweet disposition and would prefer to be an only dog. He gets along with other dogs in the family and tolerates his foster family’s four legged family visitors for short periods of time. Is Tanner the faithful snuggler you’ve been looking for?