Ted 171

Ted [Adopted December 2017] is a charming five-year-old little reddish-buff colored cocker with a white chest. He is on the smaller size just around 20 pounds. Ted is a cheerful cocker that is full of energy and life and loves to chew, play with his toys, and chew some more. Ted must have been an elf in a previous life, he simply can’t get enough toys! He is a champion snuggler and loves to be on your lap or by your side whenever he can. He loves car rides and tries to sneak into the car along with you any chance he can. If he is invited along, he sits calmly in his seat, buckled in his doggie seat belt curiously looking out the window. Ted loves a good romp in the yard and outside and as with most cockers, just loves a good walk and is good on the leash. He can be a tad verbal around other dogs, but it seems to be a nervous energy and lack of experience around other dogs. Ted currently lives with four cockers in his foster home and occasionally gets a little overexcited and must be warned verbally to calm down. He is the type of dog who doesn’t need to be around other dogs, but would do well with another calmer dog, especially since he has mild separation anxiety. He barks a bit when left alone, but calms down quickly and just curls up next to other dogs in the house. At times he gets a little jealous of other dogs getting attention, but he just usually woofs a little to make sure he gets his fair share.

Ted sleeps in a crate at night and goes into it willingly, but clearly would prefer to be tucked in next to you for the night. He sits for his supper and treats and has a soft mouth. Ted seems to have limited vision in his right eye and it has a slight (adorable) droop that is probably due to the cherry eye he had corrected in this eye. Needless to say, fetch is not his favorite game, but Ted loves toys and will need a steady supply with a variety of textures and squeakers. The only time he doesn’t have a toy is when he finally chews himself into a slumber. Whoever gets Ted the Fifth will be forever grateful for his loyalty and companionship. He will never willingly leave your side.