Abbey 161

Abbey (Adopted September 2018) is a 4 year old red female. She came to us as a breeder release and is house trained.  She is very wary of people and even after several months in our home as our foster dog, she is still cautious of us. She loves to be in the room that we are in and will jump on the couch to sit next to us for pets. But it is when you are standing and walking that she stays cautiously clear of you. Where as when we first started fostering her, she was hard to get to so that I could put in ear wash or apply her heartworm preventative, now she lets me pick her up or sit next to her to do those things. She is fine with other dogs and is quite playful with the younger ones. She loves chew bones. It will take an extremely patient individual to adopt Abbey. She has taken baby steps to get to where she is today but I truly believe that once she is in her forever home, she will slowly flourish