Addie 181

Addie [Adopted August 2018] is an adorable black, female Cocker puppy who came to rescue as a stray. She is approximately 12 months old. She has white markings on her chest and on the bottoms of her feet. Addie is a very happy, energetic pup who loves to play with other dogs as well as humans. She already knows how to bring back a ball that was thrown for her.

Addie loves to walk, and walks well on a leash - when I can get the leash out of her mouth! She is calmer in the house when she is walked/exercised in the morning and late afternoon. She loves to have chew sticks and other toys to play with and keep her busy, though she is able to sit and relax at times too!

Addie has learned our routine quickly. She is crate trained, staying in a crate when we are away as well as at night. We are working on house training; she understands that she is to go outside, and she is starting to go to the door when she needs to go out.

She loves attention from people. She has been around children on a limited basis, and seemed to be appropriate and enjoy them. She also loves to play with other dogs, and would enjoy being with dogs younger than ours, who are beyond that playing stage!