Elfie Pierre [Adopted MArch 2018] is a beautiful 5 year old male who came to us as a private surrender.  He has a number of issues which caused his family to give him up.   Some of these were health issues.   We were able to solve some of his problems by feeding a much higher quality dog food and changing the protein from chicken to fish and removing the grain.  He does have some environmental allergies which we treat with a generic antihistamine at a cost of 4 cents a day.    He is hypothyroid so does need daily meds at a cost of 12 cents a day.  Since he has a history of ear infections his ears will always have to be monitored.  His other issues are the result of him being a Cocker.  He will get into things. He will take food off the kitchen counter or take a glove if he finds it available.  He understands the word NO and will willingly relinquish any item he has taken.  If you have been a Cocker owner, you have already learned to push the kitchen chairs in and put food at the back of the counter.
His former family reported that he had separation anxiety.  We have not found that to be the case but for that reason, we will require that he not be the only dog or be in a home where someone is home the majority of the time.
Elfie does like toys.  His favorites are nylabones and stuffing free soft toys.  He does well with cats and other dogs.  He is reportedly good with children but has not lived with them.  Elfie is housetrained.