Gracie [Adopted March 2018] is a black and white petite little cocker, under 20 pounds, but packs a very big personality, lots of energy, and even more affection. It’s hard to believe this little lady is in the latter years of her life (12 years). Gracie is currently in her foster home with Spice. They came from a breeder and it appears they have been together their whole life. Gracie loves toys, especially tennis balls and small stuffed toys with lots of squeakers. She will play with you, or will just carry around the toys and ball all day, hoping someone will give them a toss. When Gracie isn’t following you around with her toys, she will be snuggled in her kennel with Spice, but would greatly prefer to be on your lap, giving little nose kisses and getting lots of hugs and pats of love. She is a champion snuggler who is really looking forward to having her own home. She is currently sharing space with my four dogs and gets along very well with all, but I can see she wants the loving home she so deserves. Gracie is very polite and not a huge barker, and doesn’t jump up on people, walks well on the leash and loves to go on car adventures. She is house trained, as long as there is a good schedule and some reminders. She also is crate trained, uses the dog door and potty pad trained if needed. Gracie doesn’t need a huge yard, but a little space would be preferred. She isn’t the type of dog to run and run in an open space. She likes to stay close to her people, but will explore quietly and cautiously on her own after she gets comfortable. Gracie has a lot of living to do and is just a treasure and will steal your heart instantly.