Jojo 181

Jojo [Adopted November 2018] is a two year old red male. He is a loving and smart guy but he needs a person to continue working with him and accept him with some undesirable behaviors. He struggled with potty training after having a couple bladder infections. He does not seem to have the ability to “hold it” for long periods of time and does seem to display marking behavior. He is a submissive wetter. He does this out of fear and also out of excitement. We have kept this behavior to a minimum by watching our tone when we return home and immediately taking him out.  We also have new people greet him outside. Jojo enjoys and asks for pets. He will lick you and his toys all over.  We have been working on his begging and he has been doing much better.  He will need a person who can continue training in this area as well. Jojo loves to walk and will settle in once he gets over the excitement of the walk.  He loves to play fetch with a tennis ball or simply carry it around. Jojo enjoys snuggling up with you at night. He is a smart guy who knows the names of some of his toys. He would love training and possibly agility work.