Lady [Adopted May 2018] is a 5-6 year old, black and white female cocker who came into rescue as a stray.
She has adjusted to our home nicely, and appears to have been in a home prior to this,
as she quickly picked up our routine, is totally house trained, and easily relates to our
three dogs.

Lady loves to walk, which is good as she needs to lose a few pounds (she is very food driven!) She walks well on a leash.She comes when we call her - or any of our dogs.We aren’t sure she knows her name, but she does come when we call!

She does like to bark at sounds, people, unknown noises, and visuals, so we are starting to use signals with her to diminish this behavior! Lady loves to be petted, likes to sit
with us and cuddle, and seeks attention when she needs it.She is crate trained - she sleeps in a crate and is crated when we are not at home.

Lady would make a wonderful companion in a home with or without other dogs.