Marley 181

Marley [Adoptied July 2018] is a 2 year old buff boy. He still has some puppy left in him. He loves to chase critters and birds in our backyard. He enjoys his squeaky toys and balls.  He will make a pile of his toys. Marley plays well with the other dogs in our home. He likes to be close to us when we are relaxing in a chair or on the bed.  He'll let you know when he's done getting pets and just wants to sleep close by. He would be a good dog for an experienced dog handler without any kids. He's getting used to grooming but will need to have a groomer who is experienced with timid or scared dogs. He's potty trained and likes to be in his cage at night. We crate him during the day but he could be left out during the day when he is comfortable in his environment.. He knows basic commands like sit and down. We are still working with him on walking on a leash.