Moosey 171

Moosey [Adopted March 2018] is an 11 year black cocker spaniel girl. She is a larger girl and does need to loose weight. We are working on it with walks and a strict diet. Moosey is very sweet and well behaved. She is housebroken and lets me know when she has to go outside. She gets along well with the other 3 cocker girls but will sometimes growl at my blind girl if she gets in her face, which I understand .

She likes to be with me and enjoys her walks. I am enjoying her . She will make someone  a wonderful companion.

UPDATE: Moosey is a very sweet girl and I enjoy her company and she enjoys mine , however in the past few weeks she has  become jealous of the 3 other girls from time to time, with that being said I feel she should be the only dog in her forever home.