Mulligan [Adopted March 2018] is a 7-year-old brown and white boy with a white stripe starting on his snout and running down his chest. He was given up by his owner because she claimed he was barking at her. His foster mom has found that he grumbles and sometimes barks when he wants someone to play with him. He is crazy about his tennis balls and very much wants everyone to join in the fun of throwing and retrieving.

In his past life Mulligan had apparently torn both ACL’s. A few months after coming into rescue he started holding up one of his back legs. After consulting with a number of vets, it was decided he needed to have both legs repaired. The surgeries were done last fall and he is now healed and once again enjoying chasing after his tennis balls.

Previously he was apparently being fed poor quality food.  As a result he lost big patches of fur and developed staph infections. He is food sensitive and must be kept on a high quality diet. A raw food diet, dehydrated raw, or high quality fish based kibble works best for him.

Over the course of a few months, this grumbler has become a very affectionate, loving pup who faithfully waits by the window for his foster mom to come home. He has a lot of love to give is very much looking forward to finding his loving, forever home.