Nelly 171

Nelly (Mely) [Adopted January 2018] is an adorable, high energy 2-year-old female. This petite little girl has lost two homes within her short life. We don’t know about her first home, but her second family moved to a setting that doesn’t allow dogs.

Because she is very energetic, she is looking for a home that will take her for daily long walks and would love a 4-legged buddy who shares her enthusiasm for running around  and playing.

She is still very much a puppy and is curious about things she finds around the house. Supplying her with soft plushy and hard chew toys will distract her from checking out household objects (except that ever-tempting roll of toilet paper!)

Nelly is housebroken but had some accidents early in her stay. She initially was in a hurry to get back into the house and did not completely take care of business. After supervising her for several days, she now knows what is expected of her.

Cuddling on the couch and getting belly rubs are two of her favorite things. She’s an affectionate little girl and will shower you with kisses and very much wants to be loved in return.

Although she is very comfortable with her current foster family, she is fearful of strangers – both 2-legged and 4-legged – who come into the home and those we meet on walks and will bark at them. It takes her a bit of time to feel comfortable and it’s best just to let her be. She’ll come around in her own time. For this reason we don’t recommend her going to a home with small children and we’re looking for a home with dog experience.