Reba 181

Reba [Adopted November 2018] is a gentle 6 year old red female.  She has a “smile” and a “prrrr” when she gets excited to greet you or wants to be petted.  Her smile is usually only one side of her face.  She enjoys relaxing on a nice sofa with our other cockers.  She has done well with potty training and has no problem going outside.  She is what I call “time trained”.  You will need to let her out at various intervals throughout the day because she is not likely to let you know she needs to go out.  She has never gotten into anything and does not beg.  She is not real interested in toys but will occasionally pick one up when she sees the other cockers with toys.  She can be a little shy on a walk with all the new sights and will tend to walk behind us. With additional training on a leash, I think she will be an excellent walk companion. She is very well mannered but could also benefit from more training with commands like sit and stay. She rides well in the car. She is happy to sleep on our bed when it is chilly but prefers the floor when it is warm out.  She was teased by small children in the past and we feel that she would do best in a home with older respectful children.