Regan 181

Regan [Adopted Spt 2018] is a delightful golden cocker with the soulful eyes of a golden retriever. This little gal was born with her tail wagging and a natural little glint in her eye. She has the sweetest little personality with a gentle little toddle to her gait.. She has awesome furry cocker paws that she gently tucks up under her chin when she naps. Regan gets along with the crustiest of dogs and loves to be in the center of whatever everybody else is doing. She is content just to be in the mix of it all but will also nudge her way in front for a little attention. Regan doesn’t love the kennel since she really likes people and the company of other dogs. She has a high-pitched polite little chirp of a bark and lets you know she wants to be let out. An added bonus, Regan is also house and dog door trained
Regan is a polite little walker on her leash, greets everyone with a wagging tail, and a sniff. In the house, she has a few more manners to learn. She doesn't quite understand furniture rules and has on occasion ambled over the end tables in search of a more comfortable chair, knocking off whatever is on the table. She just adores people food smells and likes to be around you in the kitchen cooking and she is so polite, she won’t take a treat from you unless you place it on the floor or her little plate. She loves a good breakfast, especially if you sit with her with your coffee and tell her your plans for the day, her tail wags in acknowledgement the whole time. She is not above giving your coffee mug a lick if you leave it unattended. Her favorite time is evening, where she gets to make a bed in her blankets on the couch and settle in for a snooze and a snuggle. Regan is a laid-back little cocker who seems wise beyond her five years of age. Her merry little gate, her little sideways glances of curiosity will surely bring a smile to everyone in her new family.