Tanner 181

Tanner [Adopted June 2019] is around 3 years old and came into our home 7 weeks ago. He has been a joy, the whole time. The first week he was quite timid. After that he quickly learned the routines. He gets along well with our other cocker and they have even started to adopt a play routine. He has shown some interest in toys but doesn't chew them up.  He walks well on a leash and travels well, but may become car sick if he has a full tummy. He is also fearful of passing cars and will attempt to bolt, if not controlled. He likes attention, loves being petted or brushed. He also doesn't mind his bath or having his nails trimmed. He understands what he is supposed to do when he goes out, but needs a little reminder to finish, as he really wants the praise and treat that goes along with being a "good boy". He sleeps quietly, in his crate at night, but can become a bit vocal, if he has to go out. He will make the right person a wonderful companion.