Tiffany 181

Tiffany [Adopted October 2018] is a 6 year old, dark buff female cocker who came to us from a breeder release. She was shy and cautious at first, but once she acclimated herself to her surroundings, learned our routine, and figured out how to climb stairs, she has become very interested in people, toys, and the TV. As you see below, Tiffany loves to watch television - up close, reacting mostly to other animals she sees on the screen. The Subaru commercials are her favorite - she loves to bark at the dogs driving the car!

Tiffany takes medication for a thyroid condition, and she does have a cataract in her right eye, which does not affect her vision at this time. She gets along quite well with other dogs, and follows their lead when unsure of what to do. Tiffany is house trained and often will put herself in her crate, especially when unsure of what to do. She is crated at night and when we are away from the house. She loves to go on walks and enjoys exploring in our backyard.

Tiffany is a very lovable, happy cocker who would make a great pet in a home with or without other dogs.