Amber 181

Amber [Adopted Julu 2019] is a beautiful, bashful 7 year old red female cocker. She is fearful of things like commotion and changes in her environment. When it’s quiet in the house, she will slowly explore by herself. She found a few places in the house where she feels comfortable. She sits or sleeps on the couches or bed in those areas. She loves being outside and watching the birds and squirrels. She’s doesn’t let you know when she needs to go out, but comes to the door anytime we open it for the other dogs. We crate her at night. She has learned to walk on a leash but can still be tentative.  She must have a fenced yard, since she will not relieve herself on a leash.  She would do best in a quiet home with another dog and without children.
She’s shown a lot more interest in being part of the pack after 6 months of fostering her. We have seen her play with a stuffed toy for a short period in the quiet time before bed.  We are still most often the ones that go to her. If you sit with her on the couch, she will push at your hand to be petted. She needs someone that will be very patient with her so she can get familiar with her forever home at her will.