Blossom 181

Blossom [Adopted MArch 2019] is a beautiful Buff/Red young lady at 6 years old. She is still a little shy, however with just a little patients she gets over it pretty quickly.
Blossom is house trained and well on a leash. Grooming isn't a problem and even doesn't fuse about getting her ears cleaned. A fenced yard is preferable for Blossom as when she gets startled she runs from the problem at first. She really enjoys the other cockers in her foster home so a home with another small dog that she can tag along with would be good.

She sleeps in her crate at night and loves to go in it, if we bribe her with a treat. However, we do leave the door open and she goes in there on her own for her afternoon naps.

She’s really a dream to have and will make a very good pet, once she is with you for a while, and starts to trust you, she will get over her shyness.