Koda 191

Koda [Adoptied March 2019] is a rambunctious male, two-year-old little white colored cocker with a brown and sable ears and accents. One eye is partially blue, the other is a swirl of browns. He is on the smaller size just around 20 pounds.  Koda is a cheerful cocker that is full of energy and life and loves to chew, play with his toys, and chew some more. Koda loves to have all the attention he can get. He will often nudge out other dogs for pats and scratches and if need be, will climb right over the foster dogs and land on your chest and stare intently into your eyes. Koda loves a good romp in the yard and outside and as with most cockers. He is gentle on the leash, but nervous in new situations and places. He is skittish and doesn’t like new places and is definitely not a natural greeter. He has been at the foster house for nearly two months and still doesn’t greet any other member in the family willingly except for the foster mom. The good news is that in those two months, Koda learned to use the dog door and is mostly house trained.

Koda will definitely need a fenced in yard. If he gets spooked, he will just hide outside until you go find him. Koda currently lives with four cockers in his foster home and I can’t see him in a home without another cocker spaniel. He is the type of dog who needs to be around other dogs, especially since he has acute separation anxiety. He is very nervous around smaller dog breeds and incredibly timid around large dogs. He loves his cocker foster family and seems to be most comfortable with dogs about the same size and temperament as him.
Koda sleeps in a crate at night and goes into it willingly, but clearly would prefer to be tucked in next to you for the night. He sits (eventually) for his supper and treats and has a soft mouth although he likes to gently gnaw at your hand and fingers to get attention and can nip a little skin.  He is getting better, but still does this. For this reason, I do not think he should be in a home with small children. Koda loves toys and will need a steady supply with a variety of textures and squeakers. He will also need a house with at least one other Cocker Spaniel.  He is unsure of himself when he is in a new situation and people and it will take time for him to adjust to his new home. However, whoever gets Koda will be forever grateful for his loyalty and companionship. He will never willingly leave your side and he is a total heartbreaker.