Prince 181

In mid March, Prince [Adopted 2019] was dropped off at the animal control because, according to his owner, he went blind the day before. She said she was unable to care for him.
Shorewood Cocker Rescue agreed to take him in and upon meeting him, we became aware this that this very handsome 8 year old fellow is actually a cockapoo!

His eyes looked terrible and the next day we brought him to a veterinary clinic for an evaluation. He was diagnosed with glaucoma. Normal pressure reading is between 10 and 20 - Prince’s readings were in the 80’s and 90’s. His eyes could not be saved. But he would be free from the severe pain he had been experiencing for who knows how long.

Prince has been adjusting well to his new world and cautiously moves about the house. He has been in his current foster home for about 7 weeks and his foster mom feels that he is ready to go to his forever home before he becomes too comfortable, making the transition to a new home more difficult.

Prince is looking for a special forever home that is willing to patiently work with him. He is understandably very cautious, moves slowly and has only had experience climbing up/down one stair in his foster home.
This pup loves people, gets along with other dogs, is crate trained and house trained, but does not signal when he needs to go out. He’s a very low key happy fellow who is happiest when he is snuggling on the couch with his special person!

Update from his Foster Home

Prince has been in rescue since mid-March - and within the past month he has started to show his “true colors”…
And what a happy-go-lucky loving and lovable fellow he is!!

He’s the first pup to greet me when I come home, his tail swooshing away. It’s obvious that his hearing and sense of smell have sharpened because no matter where I am in the house he can find me.  He’s still understandably a bit cautious, but definitely more confident.

He has adjusted very nicely to his new way of life and is looking forward to being a wonderful, affectionate companion in his forever home!