Snowy 181

My name is Snowy [Adopted September 2019]. I am about 12-18 months old. I was a stray puppy. I am a buff (cream) colored Cocker Spaniel and have been spayed. I am full of energy and eager to please. I need lots of exercise to burn it off every day. I like to cuddle and get silly and wiggle, wiggle, and wiggle. I like being petted, sometimes this makes me silly and I start wiggling. Once I settle down, I can sleep for hours. I am a light sleeper and do not like to be alone. I will eat in my crate and avoid it the rest of the time. I will bark like a pack of dogs when I am left alone in the crate, or outside. When my foster mom took Louie to the vet I caterwauled all afternoon (on and off) until they returned. I am faithful and I worry a lot. I am good with cats. I am best when you go outside with me for potty or take me on a leash. I like going out when it is cold and after a good dry snow. I enjoy playing in the snow and running around the yard chasing other dogs, the rest of the year, not so much. I am a tomboy and will come in with muddy paws, even on a dry day. I love balls of all sizes and shapes. My favorite balls are smaller than a tennis ball, plastic and include a squeaker. I will fetch balls for hours and never tire. I will drop them for you to pick up and throw again. I love soft fuzzy toys. I want all the toys. In a room full of new tasty bones, balls, or toys, I insist on having the one my foster brother is enjoying. I will walk away from my food bowl if I think you are in the kitchen making a snack for us and let Louie clean my bowl. I will leave food behind without the promise of a snack. I am assertive/bossy with other dogs, I have never been in a fight. My foster family says I don't have a mean bone in my body. I want to be the center of attention at all times and will block other animals (cats and dogs) from my human (I am not mean, I like to outmaneuver them, even if it means walking on your face). I will follow you everywhere. I have had problems with submissive wetting (when the human yells for someone on the other side of the house, or when you reach out to pet me.) My foster mom says I am improved and no longer peepee on the furniture, floor, or in my crate. I would love an active human to throw balls, train me for agility (I am a tenacious fireball with a little monkey thrown in)or walk for miles on a leash. My energy level will likely be with me the rest of my life. After activity, I would love to cuddle up to watch TV or lay at your feet while you are at your desk. I will snuggle while you sleep. I have a very soft mouth, tiny teeth, and will grab your hand for attention or jump on your legs. Someone left the gate open and when foster mom called as we were leaving, we turned around and came right back. I am looking for a forever family without small children.