Abbie 191

Abbie is a very sweet 8 year-old girly. She came to Shorewood after her owner who loved her very much passed away. Abbie's has server allergies with food and the environment. She was previously tested so we have eliminated all the foods she is allergic to. She is on a special diet we get from our vet, which is working very well for her, along with medication daily to help her with the environment issues. She also gets baths 2 times a week with a special shampoo. Abbie is bright, she adjusts very quickly to any new changes in her life. She's very easy going, although she doesn't like me cleaning her ears almost daily she tolerates it, with a little wiggle of her tail and a sweet little kiss. She has a loving personality, and is always a happy little dog.


Abbie has completely stolen my heart, and on April 21, I adopted her. Even with all the work to keep her skin healthy I couldn't give her up.