Dutchess 201

Adopted 9/16/2020
Dutchess is a four year old red female. She is very affectionate and will come up to you for pets and will sneak you kisses. She has been known to climb fences but only to get to the person she wants to be with. She is gentle and will take treats cautiously. She is still learning to walk on a leash and will need a fenced yard to potty. She enjoys chasing small animals in our yard and wandering around taking in all the smells. She is potty trained but I would call it more time trained when we let all our dogs go out throughout the day. You can sometimes tell by watching her movements when she needs to do her duty. We crate her to eat for convenience but we do not crate her when we are gone. She enjoys shredding stuffed toys and could potentially ruin shoes or paper items (within reach) that are left out when no one is around. She sleeps on our bed or in a dog bed in our bedroom. Dutchess came from a quiet environment and can be startled by new noises or items she has not previously encountered. She has settled down in the short time we have had her and looks to explore more in her forever home.