Cricket 191

Cricket is a 6 year old sable colored female cocker spaniel. She came to the rescue as an
owner/breeder surrender. Cricket is a shy, lovable little dog, who enjoys - and needs - another
dog(s) around her. She is often very nervous in new situations and with new people, so she
needs some time to watch other dogs deal with the people/situation before she will join in.
Once she has seen the clues on what to do, she joins in happily, looking for someone to pet
her and sit on their lap.

Cricket loves to walk and walks well on a leash. She always walks with another dog, which,
again, helps calm her nerves! If the other dog barks, then Cricket barks! The only difference is
that the other dog's bark is loud; Cricket's bark is voiceless. She will bark as much as any
other dog, but she is not heard nearly as far away as they are. This doesn't appear to be a
problem (I did ask the vet), just something different than the usual dog.

Cricket adapted to our routine easily as we have 4 other dogs, so she had many to show her
the plan. She is house trained and will go to the door when she needs to go outside. We
continue to work on making sure we see her at the door, as she doesn't always bark. She is
crate trained and sleeps in a crate at night, when we are not home, and when she eats. We
have seen her slow down her eating when she doesn't feel that the others will come “help” her
eat when they are finished! Cricket rides well in the car if she has another dog or a human lap
to sit in - again, it relieves her anxiety.

Cricket is very content to relax and take naps in the sun! As stated earlier, she will need to be
placed in a home with another dog - to ease everyone's anxiety!