Holly Berry 191

Holly Berry (her real name!) [Adopted] is a five year old sweetheart that has retired from her days of being a good mama dog. She is a medium sized cocker with a classic buff coat and dark brown eyes. Holly loves any and all attention. If she's not on your lap, she'll be snuggled next to you gently nudging her way onto your lap. Holly enjoys a good hug. She loves nuzzling her cute fluffy face right into the crook of your neck with her paws firmly planted on your shoulders. It's incredibly adorable.

Holly will greet you every morning with a wagging tail and a quick roll over for belly rubs. Holly will follow you around for the rest of the day. She's curious and gives everything new a little head tilt accompanied with a tiny tail wag.  Holly likes to bark at the TV, but her bark is so quiet its hardly annoying. And, a quick reassurance calms her down quickly.  Holly likes to sneak kleenex from the box well as sips from your coffee mug, so still a few manners to learn.

Holly has good manners iwhen walking. Shes gentle on the leash and doesn't jump on people. She may be a little shy with new people, and appropriately cautious with new dogs. Once she gets to know the dogs, she'll initiate play and chase.  She doesn't like to share her food, but just gives a warning. I just feed her seperately. Holly is crate trained and sleeps though the night, no more than seven hours. She uses a doggie door and likes having access to the yard. She's active, but not hyper and will need walks and outside time. Holly Berry is just a lovely little gal!

Holly is on the shy side and doesn't do well with visitors. She will need continued work with socialization. For this reason, a quiet home without small children would be preferred.