Lizzie 201

ADOPTED -I would like to introduce you to Lizzie. She is a tri color 6 year old house trained female and is as sweet as can be.
She gets along well with other dogs.She has minor impaired vision due to cataracts, but it doesn't slow her down much. She
walks cautiously on a harness and leash but gets braver each day. She had not been walked much so she finds the big outdoor
world a bit overwhelming. We crate her when we are away and when we feed her. When we first started fostering her we would
crate her at night, but we haven't found that necessary any more. She sleeps well through the night. She loves to play with toys
and enjoys chewing on antler bones. She loves to cuddle up next to us on the couch but sometimes she'll be sound asleep in
her crate with all the toys she loves so much.