Sydney 191

Sydney is an 11 year old black 20 pound male.  He was surrendered to a shelter in Wisconsin. His owner had cancer and diabetes and could no longer care for him. We can tell that he was very much loved as he is such a happy go lucky little fella and loves everyone, including children and other dogs. He gets along fine with other dogs in the house and is especially gentle to our 16 year old blind cocker. He loves to take walks and seeks out other walkers for some pets and loving. He barks at other walkers and dogs if they don't stop to see him, but the barking is a friendly bark. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He has dry eye, so will require drops in his eyes for the rest of his life. He is also deaf, but that doesn't slow him down in any way.  He enjoys laying in my lap and is often in my lap before I even get seated in my recliner. He would make a wonderful addition to anyone that is willing to give him the loving he so deserves and is used to.