Winston 191

Winston is a 7 year old black and white male cocker who came to rescue as a stray.
He is a dog who loves attention, playing with toys, and sitting with his people. He will
bounce his ball and chase it without human interference, though he prefers to have
people throw it for him. He does like chew toys and stuffed toys, and waits anxiously
at our feet while the stuffing is sewn back into the toys! (He has not tried to chew
anything but his toys.)

Winston gets along well with the other dogs in our home. He quickly adjusted to our
routine. He comes when he is called, loves to take walks, walks well on a leash, and
rides well in the car. He is house trained and crate trained. He sleeps in a crate at
night and is crated when we are out of the house.
When he encounters a situation or person he doesn't know, he will bark until he is
assured that all is fine, which sometimes takes a few minutes. We have not seen him
with small children except when on walks. At those times, he does bark causing the
children to avoid him. Once he becomes satisfied that the “new” situation or person is
fine, he stops barking and is friendly. On our walk yesterday, it took about 3 minutes
for him to see that the people we were talking with were just fine, at which point he
wanted them to pet him and was friendly toward them. Today, he didn’t even bark at
the groomer's!

Winston has a hypothyroid condition for which he takes a pill with his food twice a day.
He knows to come over and get the pill after he finishes his food. We do try to watch
his weight and limit the number of treats he gets, as this condition tends to add weight
to dogs if not monitored.

Winston would make a great pet for a home with or without other animals.