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New Start on Life

Click this link to gain a better understanding of how Mill Dogs are rehabilitated. Many useful tips.

Some General Information


After the adoption

We highly recommend training books by Patricia McConnell as well as taking your dog to obedience classes.

Helpful Information on Housetraining and Crate Training


Crate Training

Crate Training

Online Veterinary Resources

Mereck Veterinary Manual

Veterinary Medical Resources

The Rabies Challenge

The Rabies Challenge

Helpful Information for Dogs with Special Needs

Occassionally we get dogs with impaired sight or hearing and as our own beloved pets age, just like our elderly relatives, they may not see or hear as well as they once did. Some may even lose their sight or hearing altogether. Just as humans adapt to limitations, so do our pets. It's amazing just how well they can adapt and live a very fulfilling long life. Providing some links to sites with very helpful information as how to help your pet adjust. Remeber that just because your pet has what some may consider a disability, their unconditional love is not affected.

Blind Dogs

Blind Dogs

Deaf Dogs

Deaf Dogs

Training Tips for Deaf Dogs

Alternatives for placing your dog in a shelter

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How to find a home for your dog