Lola's Puppies

Lola came to rescue as a private surrender on July 7, 2008. Her owners were citied for having too many dogs and Lola was reportedly pregnant and due to have her puppies in August. When Elaine did intake, she was then told the puppies were due in 2 weeks. One look at her and I knew that she would never go two weeks, but was not expecting her to deliver as soon as the very next day. 24 hours into her foster home, Lola wasn't totally clipped down yet but started delivering her litter..
Caron, Lily, Hope, Collin and last but not least Haley.

Puppy Photos Page 2

Lola with her puppies (Puppies are 4 days old). Lola and the pups saw the vet the day after they were born so everybody could be checked over and Lola received some after delivery care. The Puppies saw the Vet again on day three to get dew claws removed and tails docked. Hope who is right in the middle of things kept her dew claws and will have a natural tail as she was the runt of the litter and just not as strong as her siblings. Hope just did not seem to be able to nurse long enough even with all the others removed so I started bottle and tube feeding her about every 2 to 2 1/2 awake hours and then when I got up in the middle of the night.

This is the puppies on their 2 week birthday. Left to Right: Haley, Collin, Hope, Carson and Lily. As you can see Hope remains so much smaller than the rest but is still right in the middle of things where she wants to be. All the puppies eyes were at least part of the way open by now. All were active, including Hope, and crawling all over the child's playpen they call home.

Carson at 17 days old

Lily at 17 days old

Hope at 17 days old.. Look at that sweet face.

Collin at 17 days old

Haley at 17 days old
Puppies grow and change so fast. By their 3 week birthday all are up and moving about on all fours -- wobbly like a toddler learning to walk at first but rapidly improving. They are all eating runny baby ceral from a mini muffin tin 2x a day in addition to nursing from mom. They have discovered that Mom doesn't have to sit or lay down for them to nurse and nurse when Lola is standing up. They just go nuts where Mom joins them in the playpen and it's a mad dash to see who can get to her first. Hope is being fed the baby ceral 3x a day from a small animal feeder as well as nursing from the bottle and then other bottle and tube feedings inbetween the ceral feedings. She nurses from Lola but only for a very short time. They are sitting up and tilting heads back and making all kinds of sounds and almost barks. All are getting a mouthful of puppy teeth. They play with each other and it's so comical to just sit and watch. I forgot to add that they have very sharp little toenails that you can barely even see.

Carson at 3 weeks. Weight almost 3 lbs.

Lily at 3 weeks. Weight 3 lbs. even.

Hope at 3 weeks. Weight 12 oz.

Collin at 3 weeks. Weight 2 lbs.

Haley at 3 weeks. Weight 2.25 lbs.
Lola took her all of her babies except for Hope outside to see the world for the very first time on Saturday, August 2nd. Puppies are 3 1/2 weeks old. This is a very big day for us as Haley also went to the fake grass mat now in their playpen twice to go potty. This has been a week of big changes. The four puppies are getting the concept of going to the fake grass mat in the play pen to go potty. Not saying we don't have accident but they are seeking that place to go frequently. They are cleaning up the baby ceral fed from the mini muffin pans so I have to make a up a little extra so there's still some for Lola to clean up -- she loves the stuff! Haley escaped from the playpen so the front has had to be raised. Lola now goes up a step to get into the pen with them. The puppies are getting excited now when I come into the room and race to the one corner of the playpen to get my attention. Chewing is their thing as all but Hope have lots of puppy teeth all the way through the gums now. They are discovering what the little nyla bones in the playpen are there for.

Collin in the front and Caron meeting their uncle, Riley for the first time.

Lola with Carson. Lily is the other pup.

Lily standing and Haley laying down.

Collin curled up close to his foster mom.


This was just too cute not to take. Haley, Hope and Collin all curled up for a nap together.
Another week has gone by already. The four pups are much more active, play growl at each other and rough around in the playpen. Pulling the sheet back from the corners of the playpen. They love this litte green elephant stuffed squeaky toy and the other night all four were chewing on it and trying to pull it away from each other. Collin drags that elephant all over the playpen and likes to pounce on it. The pups are being very consistent about going to the fake grass mat to take care of business and today (8/10) they went outside and did do potties outside. Last week they exlored the grass outside a bit but stayed pretty close to me, today they actually ran around in the yard. Hope went outside today for the first time and was walking around in the yard. They now eat their meals from a regular size muffin tin and pretty much clean that up with each feeding. They love the yogurt and ground up innova puppy food with baby ceral they are now eating. I have begun to take them one at a time on short trips with me in the van so they get used to having alone time with their person without all their siblings.

Trinket is busy puppysitting outside. Trinket is just mesmerized by the puppies and will just sit outside the playpen watching them for hours. Hope is laying in front.. Carson and Collin on the right and Haley on the left. You can't see her but Lily is under Trinket and she's what Trinket is looking at.

Hope actually walking around in the yard on 8/10

Lily exploring

I know this picture is blurry but it's Carson actually running in the yard

Yes Carson, good boys do go potty outside.

All tuckered out from being outside. Lily and Haley all crashed out. Collin with his treasured green elephant.
The week between their 5 and 6 week birthdays has been a busy one for the puppies. They get so excited and stand up against the front mesh wall of their playpen if they hear my voice or catch of glimpse of me.. Then the choir starts. They are very anxious to move from the playpen to their basket to be carried outside to go potty. The love running around in the yard and are doing so well on taking care of business outside. When we come back in the house, they drink water out of their muffin tin. They are now eating 4 times a day and are eating canned Innova and moistened puppy Innova. They could be spokesmen for Innova as they love their products. They had their first puppy treats this week and think those are pretty darn good too. Lola is weaning her pups and only lets them nurse for a couple of minutes here and there. They chase her all over the yard waiting for her to stop so they can latch on quick. Carson reminds me of a guided missile because he’s right on Lola's heels and zips right between her back legs if she even slows down a bit. Lola will go up the step to the deck or jump up on the cement blocks for a raised flower bed to get away from them. Haley discovered that she can get up that step on the deck so the deck isn’t a safe zone for mommy anymore. Carson was soon to follow Haley’s lead. Lily is the explorer and has discovered that she can put her head through the lattice below the deck and pull leaves out from under there. She’s also discovered that she can bark – It scared her and the rest the first time she barked. Collin is my present giver.. He loves to bring me things like leaves that he finds in the yard. He’s so very proud of his found treasures. Trinket has a couple of toys that she insists live in our yard and Collin came dragging this toy 3 times his size to give to me. The 4 all got their very first hair cuts the day before their 6 week birthday. They love to run, pounce and chase around the yard and are responding to their names. Hope remains so much smaller than the rest but she’s really starting to make so much progress. She’s a little behind the others but this girl has so much spunk and spirit. She pushes against them to get her spot in the middle. She’s getting steadier on her feet and walking all over in the playpen. She’s also seeking out the fake grass mat to take care of business. Hope is right there sitting in the middle when I wake up in the morning and peek in at them and joins the chorus as soon as she hears my voice.

Hope cuddled up with her little brother, Collin, and Haley on August 20th.

Carson about to pounce on his sister, Lily

Lily on August 20th.

Collin on the right comtemplating jumping on his sister to play.

Haley sitting up on the step for the deck on August 20th.

Hope and Collin both sitting up in their playpen.