Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 9/8/2015

On September 8th, SCR I had to say goodbye to my sweet Aubrey Rose. She was 9 years old, and had developed a large fast growing tumor in her stomach. It was too large to operate.  I had gotten her from Shorewood Cocker Rescue  On September 10, 2011. She was shy at first but quickly beacme best friends with Mercedes( who also came from Shorewood and turned 11 this year.) Wilson ( another Shorewood spaniel was also her buddy- even when he didn't want to be she liked to follow him around, but Mercedes and her would share the chair together.  I will miss her vocal songs she would start that my other two spaniels would join in and howl along.  I am lucky to have gotten a video of them so I can always listen to her song. She also loved to eat her treats with her little butt in the air- it would always make us laugh. Rest in peace sweet Aubrey. You are in Gods protective arms now til we meet on the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget you my sweet little girl.


Aubrey is a beautiful chocolate and white 5 year old little girl. She is sweet and came from a puppy mill/commercial breeder in KY. She is doing very well in her foster home but is very ready to move on to her forever home. Because of her background, Aubrey will absolutely have to have a fenced yard and another canine companion in her new home to help her continue to grow. Her foster mom has watched her go from hiding in the corner to approaching for a pat on the head and kenneling up on command for a treat. She is very good in her crate and rarely retreats to it for security anymore. She is house trained and does well on a leash. Aubrey could use to lose a few pounds like most of us, and she has a short stature, yet but she has managed to jump up onto the sofa and bed in her foster home. She can be a naughty girl when bored, so appropriate chew toys are a must for her, and she does love to play with both soft and hard chew toys. Aubrey rides well in the car and comes and goes outside very well with a little patience. She tends to follow the group and loves to be outside.  She loves all people but we have found she is leery of children as they move to fast for her liking and she tends to run and hide.