Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 03/1/2021 - [Hospice in his foster home Feb 2021] Louie is buff male believed to be around 7 years old. Louie loves to play fetch and stock piles toys in his crate. He is ok if we or any of the other dogs remove these toys from his crate. He is a little bit separate from the pack but is integrating with them slowly. He might prefer to be an only dog. Louie wants to be with his person and will sit in a comfy dog bed or snuggle up right next to you on the sofa. He'll go in his crate on his own to rest too. Louie is a gentleman on walks and is so happy just to trot along next to you. He came to us with a lot of anxiety and takes medication for it. He has potty issues related to his anxiety so we keep him in a belly band and let him out often. He also needs eye drops for dry eye. He needs work on his manners as he gets on to tables looking for food when left alone. We crate him while we are out. Louie sleeps in a crate at night and has no problem making it through the night accident free. A calm home with a patient person that will not leave him home alone for extended periods is a must for this sweet guy.

From his people: Louie is our second foster named Louie. LouLou was a slow and stealthy hoarder of toys. He was a lover of any and all "food" items he could procure from cabinets, desks, tables and even the bathtub. He often had a toy in his mouth. We could never quite figure out his potty issue so he also became diaper baby. Louie crossed the rainbow bridge this morning and although he will always be in my heart, I miss his physical presence. Run and breathe freely sweet boy!