Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 10/17/2021 - Shelby [Adopted April 2017] I am a four year old buff colored male. I came from animal control. I am an escape artist and the last time I got out I ended up in the slammer. My family did not have the money to bail me out. When I came to Shorewood I tried to get out by a fence post and my portly portly short body got stuck and I had to back out of my collar. My new foster mom has another guy kind of like me; he likes to get out too. When I walked the perimeter looking for an available animal hole or space to squeeze through, I didn’t find any! I am on daily thyroid pills (inexpensive) and have been losing weight. I still have about eight pounds to go.

I love playing ball. I fetch and return. I have a favorite green toy I take everywhere. I need practice on my leash skills and basic commands. I come when I am called. I am a low key barker (a few soft woofs) when school lets out and children are walking past my yard. I bark inside when cat’s meow (for real or on TV). I am good with the cats that live with my foster family. I was at an adoption event and loved the crowds and children. I love car rides, I don’t get sick. I am good at the vet. Bath time is great, I love the massage and scratching, I am not so crazy about the blow dryer. I love little broccoli, cucumber, and tomato snacks when my foster mom is making her salad lunch for work. I go potty right after eating. I love go outside and lay on the porch on sunny days.

I am a faithful companion and sleep nice through the night. I get along with my foster brothers and my doggie cousins (really big dogs). I am easy going and playful at the same time. At a recent event I was described as “friendly and outgoing”. I have a sweet personality, a soft mouth, and I will be missed when I find my forever home. Are you looking for a friendly and outgoing best friend?

From his people: We adopted Shelby in 2017. He has been one of our greatest treasures in life. Unfortunately this weekend our little Angel passed away. He suddenly became ill. Upon taking him to the Veterinary Specialty Clinic, we found out he had Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. They tried to give him treatments but he had previously diagnosed heart disease. The treatment was too much for his little heart and we lost him. Shelby made everyone smile, every day. He was so loved people would come outside when they saw him on walks to pet him. He literally would stand on the sidewalk and quietly bark at his favorite neighbors houses if he didn’t see them. He was such a special pup. Our lives were better because of him. Thank you for our little treasure. We thought you would want to know. Kim, Ed, and Marley (our other shorewood rescue)