In Loving Memory of Emma (Abby2000)

From email 4/26/2008

When we got Emma, we thought that we were going get this wounded, mistrusting little soul, and make her life better. As it turns out she gave back so much more and it was her that was the one to make our lives better. Emma had been mistreated by her prior owners, when I first saw her she looked like she wanted to tear me apart. It only took a few minutes to win her trust, and she became the most precious thing in my life.

She loved baby carrots, teddy bears with no stuffing, nudging hoppers (frogs) to make them jump. One of her favorite spots was "the running road", an old deserted country road that had no traffic, where she could run free for miles. She knew what it meant when we told her we were going there.. and when we opened the car door to let her run... she bolted out the door like a rocket...she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her...until she was out of breath, then turn around and run back us.. only to get close and turn and do it all over again. In the summer there were grasshoppers and she would go wild trying to catch them. She would try to hop like them and almost do black flips.

Emma was my constant companion. She slept with me every night and followed me where ever I went. She is the love of my life. Last week on Friday, she started to lose her appetite and had a couple accidents on the floor. I took her in on Monday, and her blood counts were all out of line. She had an x-ray and it showed that her liver was enlarged, she stayed overnight and was given IV/antibiotics. The next day she seemed to be feeling a lot of pain, and lost control of her functions when I was holding her. They did an ultra sound and found that she had liver cancer. They said she would probably not live more than a couple days, and would be in a lot of pain. They could send her home but she would have to be on pain meds. All I could think is, my God, she was just chasing frogs into the pond on Wednesday, she was fine, how does something happen this fast? I had to make that decision... and I could not see my little girl suffer anymore. I held her close as she left this world, letting her know that I love her with all my heart.

Grief is the price you pay to love something this much.. my little girl is not alone for she has taken part of my heart with her.


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