In Loving Memory of Autumn

Adopted March 25, 2004

Went to Rainbow Bridge on June 10, 2005

From email received 11/10/2009

I will never forget how very happy I was to adopt Autumn and how very sad I was when I lost her. There were lots of applications and I was so lucky to get her. She was so sweet. I only had her a little over a year when one day we were out for our walk and she had trouble breathing. I carried her home and brought her in for x-rays. The news cut through my heart. She had severe lung cancer. I asked the vet what I could do for her. He said take her home and love her as long as you can. Ten days later she passed away at home. I was never so heartbroken in my life. It's been four years and we have not forgotten how sweet she was and will remember her for a lifetime.


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