Baby Ruth 051


Passed over the Rainbow Bridge MArch 2018

Baby Ruth came into my life when she entered rescue as surrender from a breeder, she had a condition known as canine alopecia. I have a weakness for chocolate dogs but like everyone who looked at our website, I overlooked the little girl with the funny coat. Then one day I was walking down the stairs and really looked at her.I suddenly realized, I found my chocolate dog.  This was my lucky day. I might have missed 13 years with this wonderful girl with the quirky personality who always was there to brighten up my days. I will miss you Baby Ruth

Elaine Baumann




Baby Ruth [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 3] is an adorable chocolate female who was surrendered to us by a breeder. At the age of two this little girl already had two litters. It is hard to believe since she is only a puppy herself. Baby Ruth should not be bred because she carries a gene for congenital alopecia. In humans that is known as male pattern baldness. Dogs with this gene also normally do not have a full set of teeth. Baby Ruth is very sparse coated and only has two bottom teeth but this does not seem to affect her in the least. She is the happiest little thing and absolutley loves to run and play outside. She has some hair missing around her eyes but it only adds to her charm. She is good with dogs and cats. She is crate trained and is working on her housetraining.